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Jul 18, 2018

Guest: Wesley Geer, Korn guitarist

Today's guest is Wesley Geer, musician and founder of the music therapy non-profit Rock to Recovery. After getting sober and leaving the band lifestyle behind, he found an outlet for his creativity and his desire to help others by bringing the healing power of songwriting and musical expression to treatment centers across California. He sat down with me at the Innovations in Recovery conference in San Diego to share how he sees music change people's lives first-hand and to introduce us to their concert series, which honors famous musicians in recovery and proves that rock 'n' roll and alcohol don't have to go hand in hand.

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Music from this episode: "The Last One I Love" by David Condos - URL:

"Floating in Space" by Podington Bear - URL: - Composer: Chad Crouch

"Fantasy and Denouement" by Podington Bear - URL:

 "Caterpillar Brigade" by Podington Bear - URL: 

"Ronny" by Alex Fitch - URL:…ola/Ronny_1253